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A Local Artisan Marketplace with Unique Home Décor

Our artisan marketplace lets you take a step back in time to obtain hard-to-find décor for your home.

Whether you want an instant vintage décor for your home or want to roll up your sleeves to create a bit of your own, you will find exactly what you need here at Blue Moon Vintage Mercantile. Our artisan marketplace is filled with surprises and is constantly changing so that every visit can speak to your creative nature. There is truly something for everyone with a range of unique vintage furniture & home décor, one-of-a-kind vintage & retro clothing, handmade, and locally made creations. We have everything you need to create your own decorative art pieces with furniture paint, transfers, and stamps to inspire your inner artistic nature.

One-of-A-Kind Finds

One-of-A-Kind Finds

Because our vendors and artisans are constantly rotating carefully curated inventory, you never know what you’ll find in our shop. Come by to browse the selection of Vintage Clothing, Unique Furniture, Boho Home Décor, Handmade Local Artisan goods, and unique finds that changes day to day! If you’re looking for a unique gift or that perfect piece that you didn’t know you needed, make us your first stop.

Vintage Style and Antique-ish Flare

Vintage Style and Antique-ish Flare

While we don’t define our esthetic with a single word, we do like to describe our overall themes as Bohemian, Vintage, Farmhouse, and Paris Flea Market. We always have a range of Antique and Upcycled Home Décor, too! We have a wide selection of Fair Trade and Vintage Clothing, Locally Made Jewelry, Pottery, Artisanal Soap, and Apothecary items in addition of our furniture and home décor.

Furniture Refinishing Supplies & Knowledge

Furniture Refinishing Supplies & Knowledge

Whether you find a perfect piece here or have a treasure that you’re ready to transform at home, we offer everything you need to refinish your upcycled piece. We stock DIY Paint and Wise Owl Products, as well as Iron Orchid Designs. We also offer expert advice so that you love your piece for years to come. If you’re interested in furniture refinishing classes, follow us on social media for schedules.

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Our local artisan marketplace has everything from vintage clothing and furniture to one-of-a-kind small antique collectables, furniture paint supplies, stamps and transfers (including the brands DIY Paint, Wise Owl paint and Iron Orchid Designs), local pottery, crystals, apothecary items, handmade soap, handmade jewelry, fair trade textiles, and so much more.

Vintage Furniture & Home Décor

Vintage pieces can add a delightful appearance to any décor.

Furniture Paint and Supplies

Ready to turn an old piece of furniture into a piece of art?

Artisan Marketplace

A new surprise awaits every time you come see us.

Blue Moon Vintage Mercantile

We also stock a wide range of products to upcycle your own pieces. Not sure which furniture painting products will help you customize and finish your own furniture piece with your desired look? We can offer you the advice to get started on that DIY project to upcycle or breathe new life into any piece!
We also carry all of the accessories (including brushes, stamps, transfers and finishes) and have paint color samples available, too.