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Let us help you tell your story with some amazing Bohemian home décor pieces.

The idea behind Bohemian home décor is to tell a story through each treasure you add to your home. It is a unique blend of having a place and purpose for each new purchase, but without the rigidity of other types of home décor styles. It exudes a feeling of eclectic freedom with carefree elements. It is about rule-breaking and nonconformity where there is no wrong answer. It is making your home the backdrop to your unique story. You never know where you’ll find the next item to add to your Bohemian home décor, and that is what is so exciting about it.

Bohemian Home Décor in Salem, Virgnia

One place you’ll want to check out for a few additions to your Salem, Virginia home is Blue Moon Vintage Mercantile. We have a bit of everything that works with a variety of home décor styles. Our owner is especially passionate about Vintage Bohemian home décor, so you can bet we’ve stocked unique furniture and tons of home décor items that will look great in your home.

You can even try your hand at creating your own pieces, as we offer furniture paint and supplies so you can create your own antique painted furniture that will go beautifully with your Bohemian home décor. We also offer classes to those wanting help getting started.

Whether you are looking for pieces for your home or some unique gifts for someone you know with a Vintage Bohemian theme to their home décor, we are confident you’ll find the perfect items as you browse our 2,000-square-foot vintage mercantile. Come have some fun today!