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We stock a selection of Plant Therapy essential oils because we are impressed with their purity and quality.

There are multiple places where you can go to purchase essential oils, but it is important to recognize that the quality of oils can vary widely from one company to another. At Blue Moon Vintage Mercantile, we have become known as an artisan marketplace you can turn to for quality products in the Salem, Virginia area. When our customers started asking us about essential oils that they could use for DIY projects for cleaning, crafting, beauty, and therapeutic uses, we knew we’d have to be selective when it came to choosing a quality company to provide our oils.

Essential Oils in Salem, Virginia

Our research led us to Plant Therapy essential oils because we are impressed with the certifications and third-party testing they utilize. In addition, their essential oils are affordable, yet they still dedicate themselves to giving back to the local and global community. Education is also an essential part of the process, so you can always count on having the information you need for how to use essential oils properly and safely when pregnant or nursing, around your pets, or for children.

We are happy to stock a selection of Plant Therapy essential oils and offer support in how to use them as household cleaners, for skin care, and for other uses. We are impressed with the quality and purity of these therapeutic-grade essential oils, and we are certain that you will be as well. Stop by soon to see the Plant Therapy essential oils that we keep in stock and to learn more about this company and its products, as well as enjoy all the other products we offer.